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Although, I have just started working with Marlis this year, I am impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and ability to communicate. Marlis takes the time to learn about your goals and tune into your level of understanding.

I find working with Marlis to be enjoyable, compared to the financial advisors I have met with through my bank. I always leave our meetings feeling more empowered about my financial picture.

Katherine W.

Before I met Marlis Sawicki, I had been investing money on and off for over twenty years without any meaningful financial planning or advice. Over the course of my professional career, I had been deeply disappointed with the quality of advice I had received from a variety of banks, companies and independent advisers. Considering the quality of what I was offered, I decided to choose my own poor management over that of salespeople whose first allegiance was not to me.

When I first contacted Island Wealth Management I was contemplating a career change and finally needed real professional advice. I was not looking forward to the process of consulting with yet another salesperson and was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating and helpful Marlis was during our first meeting. She was a breath of fresh air.

I came to spend a fair amount of time consulting with Marlis and engaged her to prepare a full financial plan for me. The more I worked with Marlis, the more impressed I was with her skill, knowledge and obvious experience. She laid to rest some deep financial anxieties I had coped with for many years and showed me how I could comfortably make my career change while continuing to move towards my retirement goals.

I subsequently engaged Marlis to advise me with respect to financial investing and could not be more pleased with the portfolio she has built for me or the helpful and clear manner in which she explained how to put my money to work. She provides a very high quality and personally tailored service at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Marlis has transformed my perspective of my financial prospects and given me the tools to make some much needed changes in my life. Dealing with Marlis was a completely different experience from dealing with any other financial organization. I felt respected and heard at every turn. The level of on-going expertise, knowledge and open communication that Marlis continues to provide is superior to anything I’ve ever experienced in over twenty years of investigating options. I look forward to a long working relationship with Marlis. There is no one like her in the industry and I count myself lucky to be a client.

Ian and Margie Dunbar

My wife and I first met Marlis when she was with a financial institution that we invested with. She immediately impressed us with her personality and knowledge of the present day financial situations and some of the pitfalls that can occur if you are not kept up to date on the markets. We met regularly and got great financial advice with pleasant meetings that included some humour and fun.

When Marlis decided to join FundEX we found her and took our investments to her and her new institution. We have developed a great relationship with her and trust her implicitly to handle all our financial affairs. She has been like a breath of fresh air to us, making investing with her not only profitable but enjoyable. I kid her in telling her she has become like a member of our family.

Marlis has changed our portfolio around some since the early days and knows the markets so well it is almost eerie. She also keeps us up to date on the latest happenings and what could happen in the future. No one has ever done that with us before so we appreciate the time and effort she puts in for our present and future financial situation. Marlis has worked hard for us and has gained our gratitude and our friendship as well, and we thank her so much for all her great advice and effort.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have found Marlis.

Linda G.

A friend recently complained to me that her financial advisor at a large bank came to meetings unprepared and did not seem to know much about the funds she was recommending. Meetings were rushed, questions were not encouraged. The advisor suggested that my friend invest in a small number of funds, mostly those owned by the large bank. There were several other funds that my friend was curious about. This advisor did not have access to some of them and did not seem interested in researching the others. Meeting more than once a year was not necessary, according to this advisor.

I recommended Marlis to my friend. This is what I told her:

Marlis will take the time to get to know you and to understand your unique financial situation. She will listen carefully to you, ask insightful questions about your investment style and goals. Then she will do the necessary research to find the best funds for you. Marlis is happy to sit down with you at any time to review your investments.

Marlis is honest, forthright and highly ethical. She is friendly, hard-working and dependable. She will never make you feel that your questions are silly, and she will take the time necessary to help you understand the sometimes-complicated world of investing.

Marlis is knowledgeable and keenly curious about the investment world. She is constantly listening, reading and learning about the overall market, and about particular investments. She has access to a very wide array of investments and is always on the lookout for the highest quality investments for her clients.

If you are wondering if your investment will be safe? Yes. Your investments are as safe with FundEX as they are with the big bank.

Maybe you don’t want to go through the red tape hassle of changing your investment account from the big bank to FundEX. Marlis made it easy. And there was no cost to me.

My friend is now a satisfied client of Marlis Sawicki and feeling comfortable with her choice. She knows that if she has any questions, concerns, or ideas she can simply pick up the phone and call Marlis.

My own story is similar. I discovered Marlis at the bank/company where she worked. I had previously met with another advisor who, after a short meeting, gave me a folder outlining the fund I should invest in. I was going to go ahead with this investment. I simply didn’t know any better. I supposed that all financial advisors would act in a similar way.

Marlis was like a breath of fresh air. She took the time to get to know me, and to understand my investment style and goals. She found me the A+ funds I was looking for. We meet regularly to tweak my portfolio. I feel comfortable with my investments, and comfortable with my advisor. Marlis has helped me to feel empowered as an investor.

I hope you allow Marlis to do the same for you!